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“Whether your interest is natural or cultural history, the struggle between development and preservation, or simply the story of one of the world’s true natural resources, Grandfather Mountain: A Profile will delight. In bringing this scientific and historic knowledge to a popular level, without distortion, Tager portrays in fair, yet authoritative fashion, the story of ‘The Grandfather’.”
-Dr. Harvard Ayers, Professor of Anthropology, Appalachian State University

“The beauty of this book is that it tells the whole story of the mountain, from rocks to salamanders to Daniel Boone and beyond. The author shows us that we cannot ignore the human impact on the mountain any more than we can ignore its rich biodiversity...that the key to preserving Grandfather's future lies in understanding its past. That Grandfather Mountain is the heart of this part of the Appalachians that we call home, and its future is our future. Read this book and then climb 'The Grandfather'. Then, you will understand." 

-Dr. Stewart Skeate, Professor of Biology, Lees-McRae College 

“Grandfather Mountain is a fabulous account of the history and geology of an ancient Appalachian mountain. Miles Tager has the unique ability to excavate what would otherwise read as droll facts and rigid historical tales into contemporary, refreshing reading. He takes a journey back in time, bringing the reader in touch with the earliest geological forces to the Native Americans sacred grounds up to modern-day tourism and the ever-pressing encroachment of commercial development. The book is well written and honest. I look forward to Mr. Tager's future books! Bravo!” reviewer  

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