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Halcyon Marketing

Halcyon Marketing offers whatever is needed to bring your organization or cause to fruition.

Our beginning...

Back in the Pleistocene or thereabouts, a bunch of us got together and formed the first

Green Party in North Carolina. The local response was overwhelming, with almost 100 folks,

including the future Mayor of Asheville, in attendance and raring to go.

Second meeting, same, but with more people and even more purpose. Then the TV guy came.

He was genuinely interested, and after setting up, he asked Just one question. “What are you guys all about?

A room brimming with the buzz of a thousand ideas met this with a resounding and prolonged silence.

A sad harbinger for the West North Carolina Greens (Green Party), as it turned out.

We did spin off Greenline, our newsletter turned community paper turned Mountain Xpress, still going strong today three decades later.

For the next 20 years, driven, and somewhat haunted, by this memory, we worked with non-profits, grassroots initiatives and small eco- and human friendly businesses to Get Their Word Out.

Today, with all the new information technology available to everyone, one thing has changed little or at all.

Many start-ups, movements, and entrepreneurs consider marketing and public relations as a secondary part of their enterprise; a little unseemly and perhaps totally unnecessary…’well this idea will just sell itself; besides, it’s too expensive and I don’t have time’.

Marketing and public relations come at the beginning because without it, not only do others have little or no idea what you're doing, but you haven’t formulated it yet too well yourself. 

So, we do everything from mission statements and board formation to fundraising and events planning, and tailor strategy to your personal preferences, budgets, and the arena that will be your playing field.

Pardon the sports metaphor, but this stuff is not only essential, it is fun.

For more information on how we might help you, your non-profit or group, please contact us.

From mission statements and board formation to fundraising

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