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Miles Tager

Writing for Change

Whether for personal empowerment, strengthening family or community, changing the world or to spur the joy of creativity itself, the written word can transform any aspect of life.

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Painting Your Family Portrait … in Words!

A Creative Writing Workshop to Craft the Past

Once you have tracked your genealogy and DNA what then?

Do you know better who you really are and who and what made you?

Writing your family back into existence brings you to life as well, often explaining behaviors and healing old wounds. Join award-winning writer Miles Tager to learn the art of putting your past - and yourself – into fresh perspective. In keeping with the spirit of Place, we will use portraiture as well as biography to spark our imaginations, and our journey.


New River Writers

Books For Sale


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A fun and successful "writing for change" workshop from late March in Folly Beach SC​

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